ScanPower began in 2009 as a partnership between a successful online seller and a tech entrepreneur. The idea to create a 1-touch listing process for sending books to Amazon's FBA program was the brainchild of Chris Green. Chris discovered how inexpensive it was to let Amazon FBA store and fulfill inventory and wanted to develop a program for his business to make it efficient. After some searching, he found Paul Retherford who built the 1st version of ScanPower List.

Realizing others could benefit from this new process, they formed a company and built a software service around it. Originally called FBAPower, the 2nd version of List and a new live barcode scanning mobile app were built for the Spring SCOE conference in Seattle. The rapid growth that followed was a surprise to Chris and Paul as ScanPower became the recognized leader in innovative FBA Sourcing, Listing, and Shipping solutions for Amazon sellers.

  • ScanPower was the FIRST to offer individual and instant FBA label printing.
  • ScanPower was the FIRST to offer ‘FBA Net’ prices (price + shipping) for scouting, listing, and repricing.
  • ScanPower was the FIRST to include FBA offers for scouting, listing, and repricing.
  • ScanPower was the FIRST to offer mobile scouting apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • ScanPower continues to set the standard for providing the data and tools that today’s online sellers need.

ScanPower has helped launch 1000s of online businesses and is proud of our small role in making ecommerce accessible to all.

Chris Green

Chris Green has spent the last decade working with Amazon as a seller, vendor, designer, and author. He is also seen as an Amazon advocate, ambassador, or evangelist, encouraging others to find their own success with the different Amazon platforms such as FBA, Merch By Amazon, CreateSpace, Kindle, and more. He enjoys life in Massachusetts with his wife and two kids.

Paul Retherford

Paul Retherford has helped Amazon sellers grow their businesses with innovative software tools and services for 8 years. He created the first "one touch" listing tool and the first live mobile scanning app for Fulfillment By Amazon. He lives in southern Maine and likes to explore Casco Bay and the nearby mountains with his family.

Phillip McComb

Phillip McComb has a Bachelor of Science in Informatics from Indiana University and has been a professional web developer for seven years. He lives in western Ohio with his wife and three children. He enjoys spending time with his family, growing his professional skills, and playing music.

Zak Fuller-McCreery

Zak McCreery is Lead Developer for ScanPower and responsible for strategic and tactical technical decisions. He lives with his wife and two children in East Central Indiana.