Changelog for 2024


Prep & Ship

  • Support shift click when selecting boxes in Print Box Labels
  • Save inventory tags even when shipments are imported

Integrate with Viably, a digital banking platform and working capital provider, designed to help ecommerce sellers scale.



  • New design!
  • Updated Sales and Profit graph to show last 30 days

Inventory Performance

  • New design!
  • Display product images in the details

Sales & Profit (previously known as Sales Report)

  • New design!
  • Display product images in the details
  • Add ability to show/hide Categories, Shoppers, Sources, and Shipments graphs
  • Add Add Refund Count and Quantity Sold to details


Sales Report

  • Add ability to update COGS

Prep & Ship and Purchase Order

  • Prep & Ship settings only shows label types available for selected printer
  • Respect the selected label type and generate a PDF when no printer is selected


Expirations Report

  • Exclude sold expiration dates
  • Add Batch and Shipment columns

Sales Report

  • Add Units Sold in summary
  • Add Days to Sell to details
  • Calculate average cost for missing COGS


Prep & Ship

  • Add ability to cancel shipments when editing

Scheduled Prep Center Report

Daily/weekly email prep client report. Includes total ordered, received/prepped, and shipped by client. Email to get it setup!



  • Add Brand column

Inventory Management

  • Add "All" filter

Prep & Ship

  • Add inventory tags to batch detail download



  • Add Search Type filter to buylist to filter specifically for ASIN, Title, UPC/EAN/ISBN, or Source



  • Fix in-stock variation throttling. No longer need to prompt
  • Add Estimated Monthly Sales
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