Recent Updates



  • Show category and storage type on batch items. Requires them to be checked under "Show/Hide Columns" in Quick Settings or Settings --> Boxt --> Listing
  • Add ability to sort batch items by created date (default), category, or storage type
  • Add Pallet Utilization in batch summary. See Boxt settings --> Listing --> Pallet to enable "Show Pallet Utilization" and set the avg. pallet height, pallet thickness, and pallet utilization %
  • Add damaged, storage type, and errors to Batch Details download

Inventory Management

  • Add ability to manually sync storage types can be synced



  • Add filter batch items by fulfillment center (FC) ID
  • Holding down shift key while clicking "Create Shipment" regenerates shipment plan



  • Pass price and cost values to Mobile when listing individually and clicking on the "offers" link
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